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Where Does Modern Art End and Contemporary Art Begin?

New york city contemporary art

To talk about the history of contemporary art one has to focus on the here and now rather that works of days long past. The reason for this being at it’s core definition contemporary art means art that either has been or is currently being produced during our lives. Yes, the definition is a bit loose as somebody who may be living into their nineties at the moment could see a large overlap between what is modern and what is contemporary. One could further break this down into two basic categories of art. The first being modern art which encompasses works produced by the great impressionists like Monet or Renoir up until the 1960′s or early 1970′s where artists like Andy Warhol ruled. Therefore, one could consider anything produced after about 1970 or so to be considered contemporary.


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Optimal Web Design Brings Success To Websites

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With technology that can access the web becoming more and more prevalent in society, having an appealing website or webpage is important.

The best web design includes ease of navigability and ease of use. The website design should also include continuity, so users can navigate pages with ease.

Responsive web design is a design that aims to provide an optimal viewing experience. An optimal viewing website design includes easy navigation, easy reading, and minimal resizing and scrolling.

Copywriters, graphic designers, and an SEO web design company are all important in the web design process. Copywriters are responsible for writing appealing web page copy. Search engine optimization companies, or SEO copmanies, are responsible for writing copy that ranks high in search engine results. Graphic desig

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