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Investing in a Nation’s Future

Buying iraqi dinar

A lot of people, when they first hear of the dinar, might ask the question: “What is dinar RV?” What is dinar RV? Well, it is mostly a way to invest in a currency that may be exotic but which may also be ready to take a more central place in the Middle East.

It is not obvious that this is the way that things are headed right now. The dinar can be broken down into fils and already fils are being made irrelevant because of inflation. While the Iraqi national bank introduced a 10,000 dinar note in 2002 for interagency transactions, it is not clear at this point that these will be used for just this purpose or if inflation will make it so that people will use the 10,000 dinar note to buy milk.

The dinar has changed significantly over the years. Whereas once it was possible to find dinar coins ranging from 25

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