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Feeding with Latin American Soybean Hulls in Place of Hay

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Productos agricolas de latinoamerica, or Latin American agricultural products, have a lot to offer the north American agricultural industry, and can do so in a language of enterprise which everyone can understand. In the past los productos agricolas de latinoamerica have brought the farmers and energy professionals of north American alternative fuel sources, harvested straight from sugar cane.

Getting to know some of the agricultural products Latin America has to offer can bolster agricultural practices right here at home. This interest in South American agriculture is not centrally focussed on the Brazilian use of sugar cane, rather it is the holistic approach to breaking down another powerful fiber that is making waves in agriculture. This fiber is most commonly applied as soy protein.

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Goodbye Landline, Hello Mobile Phone!

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The telephone, patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, was the first historical example of a device that facilitated a conversation between two people who were a long distance apart from one another in physical space. Up until the late 20th century, the only phone systems available were landlines connected by twin wires across a telephone network. In the early days of landlines, individual numbers assigned to parties in a give phone system each had two letters at the beginning of the phone number. This was because back then, people were nervous about being able to successfully remember a string of numbers more than 4 or 5 di

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