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Do You Use a Wheelchair? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know About Chair Lifts

Straight stairlifts

If you are confined to a wheelchair, then you are probably more than well acquainted with the everyday troubles of getting around your home. One of the most best ways for you to get around your home, particularly if you live in a two story house, are chair lifts for stairways. These can sometimes be cumbersome if you are not confined to a wheelchair, but there are a lot of options available on the market these days.

Ramps have been around in some form or another to aid those who have trouble going up stairs for centuries. In fact, King Henry VIII, who was injured as a result of a jousting match, used a chair that was hauled up and down stairs on a block and tackle system by servants at his Whitehall Palace in London. This was of course quite a long time before the invention of the wheelchair.

Some of the

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