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Increase Security with iPhone Management Software

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New studies show some 230 million people over the age of 13 are using a mobile device in the United States. As you can see, there is a growing popularity of smart phones and tablets. In fact, you can barely walk downtown without seeing people carrying smart phones and tablet PCs. This trend is affecting the way small businesses and large corporations handle logistics and other business aspects. For example, mobile devices present security challenges to business owners. Overcoming security challenges in the business world for mobile devices is a process that requires the right mobile device management software. If you are currently looking for iphone management solutions, you need to compare your options online.

The internet is the best place

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What’s Your Favorite Italian Dish?

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If you love going to your favorite Italian restaurant Virginia Beach you will love hearing about some facts about Italian food. For instance, the quality standards for Italian pasta was set by a 13th century Pope. Today, there are more than 600 pasta shapes. The meaning of the word ‘fettucini’ is ribbons. Stelline pasta is named that because it looks like stars. The name in Italian for ‘angel hair’ pasta is capelli d’angelo.

Every type of dry pasta is egg free, except for egg noodles of course. You cannot call a noodle a noodle unless it contains at least 5.5% egg solids in it. Pasta has been around a long time and we always associate it with Italian food. However, pasta was not just eaten by Italians a long time ago. They know that the Chinese were eating pasta as far back as 5,000 BC. Thomas Jefferson

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