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How to Tell if You’re Pregnant, and What Are Your Options?

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Did you know that every year on average there are six million pregnancies? Of the pregnancies that come to term and result in a birth, a staggering 500 thousand of those babies are born to teenage mothers in the United States, though only five to ten percent of women actually give birth on the due date they are given by the doctor. However, many teenage mothers aren’t able to take the proper care of their newborns, because of financial hardship and other factors. And anyone can tell you that adoption is a very difficult option to take.

One of the most nerve racking questions, however, is before any of those statistics even come into play. There very frightening words for most, am I pregnant? To find out if you are pregnant, usually women take Norfolk pregnancy tests. The hormonal markers that can indicate a pregnancy are found in the blood stream, and in urine, so home pregnancy tests usually require a small sample of one of those things.

After the initial shock of a positive ID for an unplanned pregnancy, it takes a while to set in, and for your mind to stop asking am i pregnant and start saying I am pregnant. It is important to get an ultrasound. Sometimes certain clinics offer a free Virginia beach ultrasound of the abdomen and vagina, and these can show you pictures of the baby, ovaries, placenta, and amniotic sac. Doctors use this to check the overall progress and health of the pregnancy.

Besides getting an ultrasound in order to check on your pregnancy, if you are considering abortion, it is required by law that you receive an ultrasound before the procedure can begin. If you need abortion help, there are normally many options, ranging from hospitals to clinics, that can help you go through this difficult time.

Pamper Your Bridesmaids With Embroidered Robes

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Bridal robes come in all styles, colors, materials, and sizes. If you are looking for a way to spoil your bridesmaids and make your “getting ready” pictures really memorable, you might consider acquiring a set of robes for the group. Your bridesmaid robes could match their dresses in order to create a sense of anticipation for the upcoming ceremony, or you could get creative and personalize them with embroidered names or designs. Many stores offer embroidered robes to add a touch of elegance to their merchandise.

Embroidery has been traced back to such ancient civilizations as ancient Egypt and the Iron Age in Northern Europe (around 1200 BC). The earliest known examples of embroidery date back to the Warring States era of China, around the 5th century BC. Most of the fundamental stitches of embroidery, like the running stitch or the cross stitch, remain fundamental to this day.

Traditionally, embroidery was a sign of wealth, so it became hugely fashionable and popular in Asia and the Middle East. Anything that could be embroidered, like shoes, calligraphy, handkerchiefs, or saddles, would be embroidered. Some embroidery houses would employ up to 800 people and would work with silver and gold thread.

The advent of the the Industrial Revolution meant that, by the mid 1800s, machine embroidery was easily accessible by everyone, not just the wealthy. Embroidery has remained a popular hobby and remains prominent on clothing in both the western and eastern worlds alike. To this day in Asia, brides wear wedding robes with embroidered cranes on them to symbolize fidelity in their upcoming marriages.

Wearing embroidered robes while you get ready on the morning of your wedding day will reflect many centuries of heritage while still looking forward.

When You Take a Bite of Salsa, You Will Be Pleased by the Fresh Salsa Calories

Salsa recipes

Salsa has always been a favorite among people who love to snack, and you should go to the store and pick up some classic mild salsa dip for your family today. Read the label and you will be pleased how many fresh salsa calories are in each serving; the dip is very low in calories and fat, so you can stay on track with your diet and lose weight. Plus, it tastes great and goes perfectly with tortilla chips, veggie dippers, and more. Pour a generous helping on your tacos, burritos, taquitos, and tostadas; you will not have to feel guilty because this dip is low in fresh salsa calories.

What is salsa? It is a word that means ‘sauce’ in Mexico, where it originated from. Plus, it is made from tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, salt, lemon juice, and tomato sauce. Salsa comes in mild, medium and hot varieties so you can find the right one for your family. Take a look at the salsa nutrition label and see for yourself how nutritious and delicious it is. Salsa is high in fiber and may also contain vitamins and protein, depending on the variety that you buy. You will be proud to serve it to your family. Recipes using salsa always have a nice little kick, so pick up some salsa to have with your family today. Why not make a Mexican menu tonight that includes tacos or burritos, guacamole, and pico de gallo salsa dips? Recipes with salsa dip are the best and they always attract a crowd. There’s nothing like a cold glass of soda or iced tea with a deliciously hot salsa dip; enjoy this menu with your favorite outdoor activities during the summer months.

Since fresh salsa calories are so low, you can snack on your favorite Southwestern salsa recipes all year long. Pick up a few containers of your favorite salsa today and enjoy a Southwestern feast with your whole family tonight and teach them about the nutrition facts, fresh salsa calories and the origination of this delicious dip. Try a new variety of salsa that you never had before and find several that are your favorite. You may even want to try making your own salsa; it is easy to do and there are easy recipes to follow online. Make fresh salsa calories one of your diet foods, since it is so delicious