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Delicious Recipes With Guacamole


I am always incredulous when people ask me what is guacamole? I just want to say, it is only the best food you will ever eat! I am a really big fan of guacamole in case you could not tell. Guacamole is great on chips and tacos, and it can also be prepared as a spicy guacamole dip for crackers and veggies. There are so many recipes with guacamole that are easy to prepare and chock full of good guacamole nutrition.

Classic guacamole recipes always include avocado, lemon juice, and onion. Cilantro and garlic are also frequently utilized ingredients in recipes with guacamole. If you are looking to make a fancier recipe with guacamole, you can add shallots, too, and if you want to make super duper hot recipes with guacamole, slice up some jalapenos if you dare!

Fresh guacamole dips make amazing snacks. They pack a nutritional wallop and are highly satiating. However, you can also serve guacamole for lunch on a salmon sandwich, or at dinner time as a filling for stuffed chicken breasts. I even know a girl who likes to eat guacamole for breakfast! OK, OK. That girl is actually me. But so what?

If guacamole is not a regular staple of your diet, I implore you to give it a try. I know you will be making multiple recipes with guacamole in no time, and if you do not eat them, I will!