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Custom Cheques for Business Owners

Cheques to order online canada

Cheques have been in use from as far back as 321 B.C in India, where “adesha”, a form of cheque or written promissory note, were used to have a banker pay another person the requested amount. Since then the cheques, or “bills of exchange”, have become the most common way to facilitate a transfer of funds to another party. These days your business cheques should reflect your business and its expertise. By selecting a few features and following simple guidelines you can insure that you are getting the best Canadian cheques for your situation.

In terms of business image, you can order cheques that include such things as your logo. In fact, personalized cheques with a logo are the best way to maintain your image in financial situations. The Commercial Bank of Scotland introduced the original custom cheques 1811 that featured the cheque holders name printed along the edge.

Looking for laser cheques to use with your accounting and bookkeeping applications? Not only are they easily compatible, but those can also be personalized when you order cheques. Plus, you will find a far greater selection of designs than those offered through the bank. You will stand out, because 9 out 10 Canadian businesses did not realize that they had a choice in their cheque vendor and variety to order cheques.

With all of the options to order cheques, you should insure that you are using cheques that have been printed on a secure paper, or stock. This is typically an industry standard, but should not be overlooked due to the amount of cheque fraud that you could potentially avoid. No matter how many separate accounts and businesses you need to order cheques for, personalization and secure printed stock will allow you to conduct business without one less form of fraud to worry about. Helpful research also found here: