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Delicious Recipes With Guacamole


I am always incredulous when people ask me what is guacamole? I just want to say, it is only the best food you will ever eat! I am a really big fan of guacamole in case you could not tell. Guacamole is great on chips and tacos, and it can also be prepared as a spicy guacamole dip for crackers and veggies. There are so many recipes with guacamole that are easy to prepare and chock full of good guacamole nutrition.

Classic guacamole recipes always include avocado, lemon juice, and onion. Cilantro and garlic are also frequently utilized ingredients in recipes with guacamole. If you are looking to make a fancier recipe with guacamole, you can add shallots, too, and if you want to make super duper hot recipes with guacamole, slice up some jalapenos if you dare!

Fresh guacamole dips make amazing snacks. They pack a nutritional wallop and are highly satiating. However, you can also serve guacamole for lunch on a salmon sandwich, or at dinner time as a filling for stuffed chicken breasts. I even know a girl who likes to eat guacamole for breakfast! OK, OK. That girl is actually me. But so what?

If guacamole is not a regular staple of your diet, I implore you to give it a try. I know you will be making multiple recipes with guacamole in no time, and if you do not eat them, I will!

An Oceanside Urgent Care Facility Can Help You In Many Ways

Oceanside clinic

Those who go to an Oceanside urgent care center are enjoying the help that comes from a group of facilities that account for about $14 billion in revenue each year in the US. At an Oceanside urgent care clinic, all sorts of non life threatening injuries and illnesses can be treated which helps to alleviate much of the burden from emergency rooms. The best clinics in Oceanside CA will help you to have the easiest time that you can dealing with your problem while they continue to help ERs to do their job as well.

Oceanside urgent care professionals most commonly deal with fractures, upper respiratory or gastrointestinal problems, sprains, lacerations, and concussions. With visits to the ER amounting to about 110 million each year, it is nice to know that there is another option via an Oceanside urgent care center. The best Oceanside health clinics will have professionals who can make sure that just about anything causing you grief will be handled promptly. This will prove to be helpful if you want to be sure that going to an Oceanside CA urgent care center is indeed the right choice.

Choosing an Oceanside urgent care center is smart because the cost you well pay as well as the wait time is likely to be less than at the emergency room or at your primary care doctor. Fortunately, you can also expect the same level of care at an Oceanside clinic that you would get through either of these other two options. This means that without booking an appointment or spending an arm and a leg, you can get top quality care that will have you on the road to recovery just the same.

You can even go to an urgent care clinic if you do not have a pressing matter that needs immediate attention. For instance, if you want to get a physical, you can easily do this at an urgent care facility. You can even get an X ray or have STD testing done without any problem at all. Since you do not have to book an appointment to do so, you will never even have to wait for such care.

Overall, the benefits of urgent care clinics are well worth you trying one out. The first time that you do, you will never want to get medical care any other way. Fortunately, you will not have to.
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Who is the Best Local Commercial Real Estate Agent?

Commercial real estate

Brian Katz has a great deal of experience with commercial real estate. His expertise in real estate is well known throughout the community, and he is always happy to work with new clients. Brian L Katz is a commercial real estate professional who cares about the concerns and goals of his clients. He values your commercial real estate business.

If you ever have a question about commercial real estate, you can call Brian katz. He is happy to make time for clients who have concerns or questions. As well, he is happy to show new clients commercial real estate properties any time that is convenient for them.

If you are looking for a new space to house your business, Brian Katz is a great person to talk to. He knows the area very well and can help you find the best building to house your new office or retail business. Commercial real estate is a great passion for Brian Katz, surpassed only by his passion for helping small business owners actualize their dreams.

When thinking about renting a property for your business, there are a number of things to keep in mind. First of all, you need to decide how big a space you want to lease. This is dependent upon the size of your business, what you sell, and how many employees you have. As well, you must consider how accessible you need the property to be. Do you prefer to have it on a busy street or is it OK to drive outside city limits to reach your commercial real estate property? Brian Katz can help you make these important decisions. Find more on this topic here.

How a Tampa Fence can Bring the Family Closer

Largo florida chain link fence

There is nothing nicer than lying out in your backyard, soaking up some sun, feeling completely relaxed and secure. To know that nobody can peer into your yard during such private moments is a priceless result of installing a fence Tampa. Along with the privacy the fence provides, comes the ability to contain. If you have young children or dogs, a strong, well built fence can keep them safe and within your property. With a Tampa fence, there is a duality of security; keep those that you love safe within the boundary, and prevent those whom you dont know from entering or viewing into the boundaries of your home.

Tampa fence companies can install your fence to your exact preferences. A fence, by definition, is a structure that encloses, barriers or sets a boundary, usually made out of posts or stakes, joining together by wire, rails, boards, vinyl, etc. Which material you choose will depend on your budget, needs and aesthetic tastes. In my opinion, nothing looks nicer than a classic, wooden board fence Tampa history knows so well, but others prefer to install a vinyl fence tampa offers because it is very durable throughout Floridas sometimes hellish, rainy summers and hurricanes.

Whichever material, color, perimeter size, and height you end up choosing, when installing a fence Tampa families can come together. If you should choose to install the fence yourself, it can become a family affair. The whole gang can help out and learn a valuable skill together, which will not only get the fence Tampa families love up and finished quickly, but provide some laughs and quality family time along the way.

Read This Before Buying Houston Land

Acre lots houston

Buying a home is never an easy process. Whether you’re moving into the city from the country or looking to move into the country, if you’re upsizing or downsizing, there are a few considerations to give before buying Houston land or the land montgomery county offers. The largest city in the state is Houston, it’s also the fourth largest in the United States. Houston land is becoming one of the most increasingly popular places to look for Houston Texas land for sale. And while there is plenty of Houston land for sale outside of the city, it’s the gated communities in Houston that are the hot ticket item.

Over a thousand years ago, in China’s Tang period, over a million residents lived in walled in neighborhoods and behind gates that have guards to look over the safety of the people who lived there. The popularity of gated communities had grown in recent times, with the increased security and the lack of traffic, it makes these types of neighborhoods safer for children and pedestrians of all ages. The homeowners associations of these gated communities also tend to keep their homes homes, landscaping and property in excellent condition, so you don’t have to worry about your neighbors ugly yard. For new and old families alike this type of Houston land is the perfect location. Read more here: