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Three Helpful Benefits of Urgent Care

Urgent care milpitas

Did you know that urgent care is one of the fastest-growing segments of the American healthcare system? Approximately three million people visit urgent care facilities each week in the United States, and this leads to 14 billion dollars in annual revenue. Since urgent care offers several benefits, it has become a viable way to receive medical treatment.

1. Short wait times. On average, more than half of all urgent medical care patients wait 15 minutes or less to be seen. In addition, 80% of all visits take 60 minutes or less. Since patients are able to receive immediate medical treatment at an urgent care facility, this is often the preferred choice for a wide variety of health issues.


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Hudiburg Subaru in Oklahoma City OK


Hudiburg Subaru

210 E I-240 Service Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73149


Local Business Picture

Looking for a new or used Subaru? You’ve come to the right dealership! At Hudiburg Subaru we provide everything automotive, with great prices and customer service. With a new or used Subaru from Hudiburg Subaru you’ll get a reliable and stylish new car at a price you can afford.

Mobility Supercenter in Norfolk VA


Mobility Supercenter

3301 North Military Highway

Norfolk, VA 23518


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Over the years, our hard working, professionally trained, highly educated team has worked tirelessly in establishing our company as a “Mobility Leader”. Whether it is an accessible vehicle, a custom home modification, or something as simple as a ramp or a scooter lift, our staff prides itself with providing you just the right solution to your mobility challenge.

How Do You Grow a Pumpkin?

Texas corn maze

Fall is harvest season, and its bountiful harvests are always welcome. Corn is gathered and often these corn stalks are turned into corn maze designs. These corn mazes are popular with farmers in the East of England; however, the largest corn maze in the world is 45 acres and is in Dixon, California. The blackberry crop also becomes very popular in the fall because these berries can be used in jams, jellies, pastries, pies, and many baked goods. Other great autumn activities in addition to canning and corn mazes, include hayrides and pumpkin harvesting. Of course, you cannot forget carving those pumpkins into Jack O Lanterns for Halloween, complete with silly or scary faces.

You might even be thinking about growing a few

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Looking For A Creative Hobby? Consider Learning About Pottery!

Pottery kiln

For people interested in pottery, but lack the experience, the internet is a perfect place to start. The internet offers hundreds of websites that not only offer ceramic supplies and pottery equipment, but an online community dedicated to educating others in the art of pottery. Pottery is an awesome creative hobby, with a great prehistoric history that was a big part of past pre-literate cultures.

One of the biggest obstacles that the beginners to pottery have to deal with, is knowing what equipment and pottery method is right for them. The three major methods of pottery are earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. Each method produces different results, and requires different pottery supplies, tools and temperatures. Managing a kiln its temperature can prove to be very difficult for beginners. Kilns can be hea

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